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The Wolf Plan Demo by Nassic

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Game Description

About the Game

The Wolf Plan is an animal video game where you play as Jackjr, a brave wolf pup who will put himself in danger for just about anything.

It is a 2D action platformer with features like having 3 different attacks and gaining achievements.

In the game, there are 2 levels, a woodland forest and in the hopefully finished game, a jungle.


How to Play

Explore the forests and find many collectables such as Wolshards and 1-Up Gems.


Up Arrow - Climb up

Down Arrow - Crouch/Climb down

Left Arrow - Move left

Right Arrow - Move right

Z - Jump/Select

X - Attack/Skip Dialogue

C - Activate Powerup

Enter/Return - Start/Pause game

These controls can be changed in the Options menu of the game.



In the peaceful community forest of Woodland Meadows, there was a family of 3 wolf pups.

Due to newcomers in their homeland, the father of these pups usually always forced them indoors, because he was afraid his pups would get hurt outside.

One of the pups, Jackjr, was annoyed by this. So he decides to attempt to persuade Dad into how he used to be before the newcomers arrived.

Jackjr's siblings hear about this and decide to set up a plan, for Jackjr to go on an adventure anyway to find collectables to impress Dad.

Little did Jackjr know the dangers he would encounter..

This is The Wolf Plan.



Game, Art, SFX : @nassic

Bird Ambience 1 :

Bird Ambience 2 :

Bird Ambience 3 :

Cricket Ambience 1 :

Cricket Ambience 2 :


Click here to download The Wolf Plan Demo from Planet Klik!


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