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Better Romeo by Linky

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Game Description

Romeo was one of the OG pre-bundled games with KnP, it was a simple platformer game which the main goal is to rescue Juliet (yeah it really is), while you at it there are some obstacles and whatnot

Though OG Romeo had some really bad bugs, you can even say it is unplayable!

That's why I decided to "Remake" it from a blank MFA

Here are the newer version features:

- (Keyboard, Gamepad and touch) input support

- Redefined movements (and yeah Romeo should not get stuck ever again)

- Quality of life improvements (for example: the trail effect of the pie)

- Custom window border Note: only visible when you resize the window to a different ratio than 4:3

- DeltaTime supported (The game runs the same speed on any FPS value)

- Custom pausing / Resuming

- Custom level / cutscene loading

* The whole source project is provided (( containing the .EXE ofc ))

* Better Romeo, made in: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 || Original Romeo, made in : Klik & Play


Click here to download Better Romeo from Planet Klik!


Better Romeo screenshot 1Better Romeo screenshot 3

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