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TeamJumpers 2: New Reality Demo by ExpoDev

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Game Description

ATTENTION: This DEMO has been updated as of 11/26/2022. If you downloaded the game before this be sure to re-download it to ensure you are on the latest available version.

The ambitious sequel from Imperfect Studios!

TeamJumpers 2: New Reality, is the ambitious sequel to TeamJumpers. The focus on this one’s theme is interdimensional travel. Throughout your journey You will be discovering new realities with challenging bosses (coming coon), a simple yet fun combat system, and secrets to be revealed, this world is yours to explore!

• Traverse New realities by yourself, or with a friend if you'd like!

• Both players have individually unique abilities!

• Come across 3 Different Bosses (once each dimension) and uncover the secrets of the multiverse (bosses coming coon)

• Fight a variety of different enemies across 3 different dimensions and make your way to the end to fight 'the one pulling the strings'


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Here is some Brief Information on the Realities you will be visiting throughout your journey!

The Inside Out - The inside out is a Shadowy and slimy vine-covered place ridden with pointy-toothed monsters! This place is filled with Bright orange Portals and stepping on vines in this place can slow you down, and beware! Axel, a giant axolotl is ready to attack, you must prepare to defeat him as you crawl your way through this dark and horrific world!

Candy Lane - A change of scenery is in order, after escaping the inside out, seeing this place can be refreshing, but surely a small village filled with happy candy folk can't be all good... Someone is controlling everything and causing an imbalance in their society... You must put a stop to it!

Synth City - Relax and enjoy the sounds of synth city, where everything is perfect... As so it seems... Something isn't quite right here... A Sentient piece of code is on the loose, get to the bottom of it and put an end to everything...

Meet the team!

Pablo "ExpoDev" Heckman - Programming, Lead Development

Julio Cesar Fernandes - Programming

GuyFam - Level Design/Programing

ThatMegalosaurus - Playtesting

Cyberek Studios - Early Programming

Danny Dice - Music

Peter "Hypeblast" Kirkpatrick - Music

Leon Riskin - Music

Rhythma - Music

Miguel "Fire's Illustration" Reyes - Art/Animation

Valerie Casella - Concept Art

Click here to download TeamJumpers 2 Demo from Planet Klik!


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