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Moke by Demiero

Moke screenshot 1

Game Description

Moke is a simple platforming game where you go on a journey in a world of chaos and harmony. The surroundings are evil and good and there is no balance. It's up to you to discover the balance and perhaps your purpose.

This game was a course submission with the limitation of 3 levels. Due to the "spaghetti code" and the lack of motivation for the project, I decided not to continue the project and I put it in a side-folder for weeks, but then I decided to release it. It might be really short, but I think it is a short small cute game that people could enjoy and experience. Besides, this is one of my most complete games and why let a project rot when it's playable, beatable, and most importantly enjoyable?

I hope you all enjoy this short experience and quick advice, if you have done a game that you genuinely think it's fun release it. Show the world what you are capable of.

You can find the soundtrack here:

As I said, I hope you all find this little adventure enjoyable :D


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